Samantha Desz


Let's make cool stuff together!




There is always a project in the works! A new play or musical, a web series, a film. The wheels never stop turning and the irons are always in the fire!


What makes me unique is my blend of creative insight, on-site production knowledge, and behind the scenes financial and business management. 

Everything on a production should be in service to the creative vision of the project. In the end of the day, that's why we're all doing what we're doing! 

Having been the Producing Artistic Director of my own theatre company in NYC and working in the theatre for many years, I know what the rigors (and fun!) of production bring. The team that is pulled together has to work well together and ultimately achieve the artistic vision of the project. From wielding a hammer to being the lead producer, I’m comfortable with the needs of the creative and physical production world!

Having been the Director of Finance at a corporate production company for many years, I also have a deep understanding and appreciation for the importance of budget management and dotting all the proverbial "i's", both financially and legally. I have extensive knowledge of everything from simple bookkeeping all the way through top-level budget management and profitability analysis. 

Click HERE for my Production resume. I’d love to work with you on your next project or my next project!